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Ruchita Madhok works at the intersection of the creative industries and cultural economy in India. Her practice spans the areas of communication, design and strategy for cultural institutions, foundations and creativity-led enterprises.

With a background in exhibition design and scenography, she is Principal of Kahani Designworks where she leads the studio's engagement with arts and culture organisations.

In her experience of working in London, Dubai and Mumbai, Ruchita has come to understand that good design is culturally relevant and responds to specific contexts. She believes that design should be a conscious part of everyday life, bringing thoughtfulness and consideration to the way we experience the world.

Her deep engagement with the practice of design and the concerns of India's creative economy are reflected on the studio blog Perch, where she documents design conversations and records observations from interactions in various fora. She is also a contributor to design publications including Kyoorius magazine and Domus India.

When not in the studio, Ruchita can be found wandering in museums and art galleries, reading poetry or travelling around the world, looking for inspiration in new experiences.


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